Competition Team Training Currenlty On Hold

Stay Tuned

Raptors are SGMA's official competition team, funded by the non-profit organization Raptors TKD Society of Calgary. The society's mission is to fund a portion of the costs that Raptor team members incur when training for and participating in local, provincial, national and international Taekwondo tournaments.We compete in Olympic-style Taekwondo, used by World Taekwondo.

At SGMA we are very proud of our competition team. Master Thibault has personally trained over 100 provincial champions and over 20 national champions in both sparring and patterns. SGMA has had athletes compete at several international tournaments such as the World Juniors, Junior Pan Am and the US Open Taekwondo Championships. The Raptors age group ranges from ages 7 - 40 and ability from yellow belt to black belt. Raptor taekwondo training includes high-level sparring and advanced patterns training.

There are many benefits of becoming part of our nationally recognized team including:

  • Training three days /week for colour belts and up to six days/week for National Black Belt Competitors;

  • Attending between 10-15 tournaments each year including international tournaments such as the Junior Worlds, Junior Pan Am and the US Open Taekwondo Championships;

  • Being part of a team that has produced over 100 provincial champions and 20 national champions in sparring and patterns;

  • Learning the value of fundraising for important causes, including the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation; and

  • becoming part of a great martial arts family.