SGMA's Taekwondo + STEM is the Canada's First

STEM Integrated Martial Arts Program!


Our Daily, Weekly or Monthly Sessions are a great alternative to traditional after-school programs!


Our uniqure program helps kids develop a lifelong habit of staying in shape while focusing their mind on Science, Technology, Engineeirng and Math activities that will help them improve self-confidence, creativity and critical thinking skills and become great leaders.

Taekwondo + STEM Lesson Plans


All of our Daily Taekwondo + STEM Lesson Plans are written using the Stem Instructional Model by Roger Bybee which includes five phases: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate. It provides a carefully planned sequence of instruction that places students at the center of learning


STEM Activity Labs


We are now offering 3 unique Stem Activity Labs every Week! Children are able to build fun and engaging Stem Projects in which they learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Math on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Using our 35+ years as Professional Instructors, we’re able to effectively incorporate the 5E Instructional Model in all of our Stem Activity Labs!

After School Students


All of our After School students that choose to attend 3 - 5 Days per week work on STEM Projects Daily followed by Taekwondo or Fun Fitness classes. Students work towards earning their Black Belts and keeping physically active as they particiapate in fun and engaging Science, Technology, Engineering and Math activities. 

By the time you pick up your children, they will have had a snack, worked on some fun STEM activities and had a martial arts/fitness lesson, all before supper!


All Students get to keep all of their projects!


Our After School Taekwondo + STEM program ensures the kids do at least one hour of physical activity per day that teaches them the connection between physical fitness and having fun. We are the only place that offers this type of after-school programs in Canada!

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